Welcome to The Culture Journalist, a podcast about culture in the platform age hosted by Emilie Friedlander and Andrea Domanick, two friends and journalists from opposite ends of the U.S. 

Whether we’re discussing if counterculture can exist on the internet, what it's like to spend five days in a TikTok mansion, or the fate of music journalism in the age of streaming and clicks, we explore how the economic and technological forces reshaping every sector of the culture industry are also altering the fabric of everyday life. Join us for cathartic conversations with our favorite reporters, artists, and academics about the structural dynamics percolating beneath the surface of the 21st century creative economy — and how they impact us as human beings.

Some praise

“This insightful pod aims to try and make sense of an already shifting cultural landscape ripped up by the pandemic.” —The Guardian

“Journalists Emilie Friedlander and Andrea Domanick’s editorial strategy with The Culture Journalist, at least as far as I can tell, is quality over quantity. The pair produce a monthly newsletter-podcast hybrid and cover topics like parasocial relationships, the strange trend of clickbait restaurants and much more.” —Anna Codrea-Rado, A-Mail

“I just subscribed to The Culture Journalist — such a useful and inspiring space for talk about the challenges and possibilities of criticism/cultural inquiry in 2021.” —Ann Powers, NPR Music

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