Welcome to The Culture Journalist, a podcast about the wild west of culture, counter-culture, and the media. Think of it as your guide to understanding the arts, politics, and the anxieties of everyday life through the lens of culture reporting—hosted by Emilie Friedlander and Andrea Domanick, two freelance journalists from opposite sides of the country.

As publications fold and journalists are laid off in record numbers, it can feel like our little corner of the media industry is collapsing at the moment when it's needed the most. We started this podcast to spotlight the people who are helping us make sense of where culture and counterculture are going—and in a way, since art is a reflection of life, where the world is going too.

On each episode, we’ll be bringing you conversations with our favorite reporters and critics—as well as artists, academics, creatives, and organizers—about their lives, their work, and the stories that we can't stop thinking about.


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