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Have a Nice Life also got a huge swing with Tiktok

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love the inclusion of "vibes" into the analysis, and found so much to chew on throughout this thing. also i love DIIV, and I hope that legacy musicians don't feel like legacy musicians... they're "legacy" not because they're washed, but because they came up in a different political economy of music centered around live acts, myspace, college radio, what have you! In that regard, I think the whole zoomer/millennial/X "generations" idea is a total construct and serves to pit olders and youngers against each other. As someone maybe poised in between the two camps (for now.... heheh) Openmindedness is such a good trait in both camps.

tl;dr : Cool to see the family tree of the "vibe", lol, from Hildegard of Bingen to Galaxie 500 to DIIV to "the girl reading this".

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